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The story behind melessence:

After being ill with a number things, exhausted beyond belief and on my way to having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I turned to natural therapies to get me back on my feet again. 
I came across an aromatherapist who made natural body and facial oils and she formulated a bath oil using essential oils that could assist with this. I would get home crawl in to the bath with this oil. It was the only thing that made me feel half human some days. I had always been interested in aromatherapy, but after this and combined with my corporate world fatigue, I decided to study Aromatherapy at Nature Care college. I began making body oils and facial products for friends and so melessence was born! Today I hold a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy and will continue my studies in the natural therapies field. 

I have seen natural products do amazing things for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, acne, and sensitive skin. I have also seen great results on scars as a result of clinical aromatherapy studies where I researched and provided treatments on someone with a recent surgery scar. The before and after shots 6 weeks later were amazing. I myself have also always had skin problems. I have used so many products on the market, and spent thousands of dollars. I can honestly say that since I switched to using natural aromatherapy products my skin has never looked better. Natural gentle products and not harsh scrubs, microdermabrasion, acids, (I've tried them all) in the end work better. For best results also combining with a healthy diet and exercise is the key. Beauty definately comes from the inside out so its important to also eat well and exercise regularly. I understand how bad skin really affects your life and I want to help people with the knowledge I have gained, my experiences and the future knowledge I will have.

With melessence products you won't be paying extra dollars on fancy packaging or expensive marketing campaigns. You will be paying for a natural, simple, and effective product that  will improve your skin without harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients and at a reasonable and accessible price. 

We have many set blends and formulations, however  I am happy to personalize products for your specific needs and aroma preferences. 

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